• Emmanuel says:

    You can block the number with mr. Call

    234-385-0086 :: 2343850086
  • Dario says:

    He called my home phone asking for my son and my fiance told him he was not here she then asked what do u want to talk to him about and he told her it was none of her business and she said yes it is and the line went silent. I dont know how or where he got my number and my sons name but it is rather creepy

    214-592-0006 :: 2145920006
  • Tim says:

    This person is presenting himself on POF as Capt Uriah Wallace, USMC. He is again using the images of an internationally know body builder Simeon Panda. We spoke briefly twice this evening during which time this scammer went on to explain that in addition to his military service he also holds a masters in elementary education and is perusing his doctorate online in cognitive learning. Yep, he laid it on THICK! Since I had his full name which he so eager supplied I googled and found several reports of his scamming history. Glad I did my homework so I didnt end up in his victim pool!

    217-436-0149 :: 2174360149
  • Edmund says:

    got call today but no voicemail.

    740-838-0349 :: 7408380349
  • Chad says:

    They getting on my nerves

    240-241-0062 :: 2402410062
  • Oswaldo says:

    me llamaron diciendo que eran de claro y querían hablar con el titular de la línea (sabían quien era)

    229-807-0050 :: 2298070050
  • Fred says:

    Constant harassment will not stop calling, after I told them not too!!!

    850-286-0046 :: 8502860046
  • Pablo says:

    My cell phone received a call from the number listed above at

    209-942-0033 :: 2099420033
  • Ned says:

    Please stop calling my home phone. Calls coming in 15 to 20 times per day.

    231-611-0130 :: 2316110130
  • Efrain says:

    Called twice, never leaves vm..

    561-985-0146 :: 5619850146
  • Lon says:

    Some Cell phones already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some. You can google this. If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control. Iphones appear to have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number.Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:By State DNC lists:FCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:email: fccinfo@fcc.gov

    209-919-0146 :: 2099190146
  • Stephan says:

    Heard the Lincoln Navigator story and asked me to call a 1-800 number. Didn't call.

    210-365-0124 :: 2103650124
  • Eric says:

    My brother received a call today from that same 000-000-0- asking questions about the phone he is using- I told the caller he had to call back since I couldnt answer his questions because it wasnt my phone. He said thank you and hung up.My brother has one of the free gov. phones and that is the phone they called on.He had a call from his worker coming in regarding what info to bring w/ im and didnt want to miss the call while he was getting ready to go to their meetingIm wondering if this is something to do with that?

    202-329-0127 :: 2023290127
  • Bryan says:

    I tried callin the number and was told this is not a working number.they had just hung up so how could it not be a working number?

    210-510-0980 :: 2105100980
  • Wesley says:

    This number calls the house everyday 3 or 4 times a day, when I answer there is no responses.

    240-680-0496 :: 2406800496
  • Jaime says:

    Folks, do not answer these calls. Verison says its a scam and the caller gets money when you answer the call. Theyre also doing it with 800, 866, 855 numbers.

    210-605-0138 :: 2106050138
  • Junior says:

    I,m 8 years old and I live in Kastelllanehyw26 that's all

    217-339-0049 :: 2173390049
  • Rey says:

    What location is this phone number?

    210-598-0047 :: 2105980047
  • Fidel says:

    I sometimes answer the unwanted phone call with a Turkish language . and the caller asks do you speak English and I continue with a phony language until they hang up. but this 000# I received via voice mail today, next time I will answer promptly by saying Police Department, Detective Baddley speaking, how may I help you?

    617-767-0040 :: 6177670040
  • Ricardo says:

    ikr man i know how u feel i can shake it yea.

    217-887-0074 :: 2178870074
  • Chet says:

    Absolutely right. Your tax dollars at work!

    234-625-0019 :: 2346250019
  • Roland says:

    SMS spam with a "Win an iPhone 5" link.

    256-491-0065 :: 2564910065
  • Elton says:

    Card processing services nothing but a little boiler room in Montreal another telemarketing scam run bh criminals why the police dont shut them down one will never know though I hear they are finding it harder to find victims lately the people the scam are into them

    321-738-0100 :: 3217380100
  • Brent says:

    I tried to call block this today. Response from Verizon?Enter a legitimate phone number !Verizon is an EVIL OVERLORD.

    716-283-0041 :: 7162830041
  • Valentine says:

    yeah, I am on Verizon Wireless and thats who is doing the calling. I went to the sales office and they said they didnt know what to do but to go to the web site or call 611. I did both of those things but it was a waste of my time. They both were dead end streets. Im thinking of switching service providers, thats all I can do. One call I was able to catch was a Wells Fargo Visa Card agent.

    573-732-0048 :: 5737320048
  • Bryce says:

    Got a phone call (10:06am) from an out-of-state number that I didnt know or recognize. (Does this mean that they are involved in Interstate Fraud?) They, of course, left no message. As always, I didnt answer, but looked up the number here. I am on the National Do-Not-Call List, and have been for over a couple of years now. (I guess this is our government at work for us.) Im going to AND to and see if that can get the government to work for me, and stop these calls. (Yes I will go through all those steps.) [I have also bookmarked these URLs.] I have also assigned a silent ringtone to this number. (I am up to 70 now.)We should all pile on.

    216-741-1006 :: 2167411006
  • Jared says:

    Any number coming up unknown, out of area, unidentified, or in my case on my cel have been getting 000-000-0. I have first hand knowledge as to what causes this as for 13 years I worked at various call center offices starting with Telemarketing.. anytime an autodialer makes calls there are at least 100 individual phone lines running through this machine.. so not one phone is calling you its several hundred.. what happens is when you pick up your phone.. it gets routed to any available agent on the call center floor at any various computer terminal.. where I live we have fairly small call centers averaging about 200-400 people.. some places can have thousands.. so this will explain why someone may not answer RIGHT AWAY when you pick up.. also a clear indicator this is a company calling or a robocall.. a lot of important notices from your state government will come through robocalls but these also tend to have a number originating from your area or your states capital. If anyone is calling you directly that you do not know there are only two possibilities.. 1. they are looking to get new business from you. 2. they are trying to collect on an old debt. thats it.. most people calling you cannot give a direct number because they do not have one.. they may have a front office/secretary line.. a managers line etc.. best way to get off a list is be very insistant on asking for a manager.. usually though if theyre calling YOU your not an existing customer and they WILL hang up on you and someone ELSE will be the one calling you back.. now Ive done inbound work for DTV and AT&T its different when your a customer calling in on your account.. if an agent is refusing to give you their manager theyre being a dick and can get fired easily if anyone pulls up a recording of this call.. all calls are recorded but most are never listened to unless something raises a red flag to management. otherwise calls are randomly selected each month usually out of the 100s and 1000s of calls we take in a given month about 12 are listened to on avg. when someone is calling you keep in mind this was the most entry level job they could get quickly and easily.. they probably really need that [***] job.. dont have to be a dick.. just hang up..now if you get one person harrassing you thats another story.. call the local authorities.. who can then monitor your incoming calls and they have a way of originating where these calls come from and can then take further action if it becomes something along the lines of harrassment or any kind of threatening language comes up.

    724-853-0138 :: 7248530138
  • Sal says:

    I had a call from 1-000-000! It showed up as Unavailable but I could see the phone number, and when I said hello, there was a short silence then the person said Goodbye so I hung up.

    210-466-0027 :: 2104660027
  • Jody says:

    They call everyday and when asked who is calling they don't answer or just hang up, and then call back.

    214-567-0030 :: 2145670030
  • Jarvis says:

    this guy is a stalker and trys to ruin peoples lives

    281-705-0118 :: 2817050118
  • Mohammad says:

    I have NO idea what this is it claims it was direct assistance

    469-470-0092 :: 4694700092
  • Pablo says:

    They called again. Didnt answer. Julie Smith left the same message to call her back and to not to disregard her message otherwise actions will be taken against the receiver of the call.

    614-767-1745 :: 6147671745
  • Donnell says:

    six recent hang-up calls from this number.

    215-853-0123 :: 2158530123
  • Oscar says:

    Told me I had multiple charges on my credit card. Which was false. Tried to get credit card info

    216-599-0084 :: 2165990084
  • Jamal says:

    Confirm - this is a Hilton Vacation Telemarketer. I have already told them twice to remove me from their listing, not to call and that I am on the national Do Not Call list. have received 3 more calls in the last 2 days.

    573-628-0020 :: 5736280020
  • Humberto says:

    i keep getting calls from 888-000-6677 and want to know who keeps calling

    610-431-6591 :: 6104316591
  • Donte says:

    Christos and Christos Clearwater

    318-812-0033 :: 3188120033
  • Ellsworth says:

    I tried to call block this today. Response from Verizon?Enter a legitimate phone number !Verizon is an EVIL OVERLORD.

    217-210-0163 :: 2172100163
  • Adalberto says:

    I got a call from tis number...Caller ID said Member Alert ... I was not at home and they did not leave a message

    208-391-0083 :: 2083910083
  • Rashad says:

    2/22/2024Receive the same type phone call today. I hope everyone hangs up on him but somewhere he will find someone who will beleive him. How can we stop them ?

    216-206-0008 :: 2162060008
  • Michael says:

    The number belongs to this scam artist. He wants to steal your own money from you to pay for hi boat and house

    218-424-0127 :: 2184240127
  • Mason says:

    Received a call from (678) 245-4494. Someone who said his name was Agent Pena called my grandson and told him he was being extradited to the Dominican Republic for buying prescription drugs online. He my grandson name and our address. My Grandson is 12. I took the phone and told Mr. Pena that he was harassing a 12 year old boy Mr. Pena replied that the police were on their way to the house and the boy he will end up spending 7-12 years in a federal prison getting raped by all the other inmates unless we paid a fine. I hung up and called the real police.

    423-228-1243 :: 4232281243
  • Mitchell says:

    got one today from this number. same as above. been disconnected.

    210-689-0330 :: 2106890330
  • Antione says:

    dont want it to text or call me!!

    952-791-0139 :: 9527910139
  • Leland says:

    This # keeps coming up but I have NO idea who it is or where it's from. Help!!! Please.

    228-213-0100 :: 2282130100
  • Florentino says:

    I did this, still get the calls

    804-302-0112 :: 8043020112
  • Alden says:

    This is a scam. The recorded message says theres a problem with your credit card. I stayed on the line to speak to representative. I asked the name of the company that was call me. Rep said (in a Jamaican accent), Cardmember Services. I asked, Card member services for what company? Rep said, The logo will be VISA of MasterCard. I said, But, youre not VISA are you? Rep hung up on me.

    440-662-0147 :: 4406620147
  • Errol says:

    eric brown said I had a prosecution pending. I called the DA in the area the number was from and reported them.

    207-923-0125 :: 2079230125
  • Rudolf says:

    I have been getting numerous calls from this number recently. I finally did answer it. They are doing a survey supposedly for the Marine Fisheries Service of the US Govt. I pushed and got the information that the company is ICF in Martinsville Virginia. and their phone number is 276 403 9400. A little Goggling shows:ICF International - ICF International delivers consulting services and technology solutions in the energy, climate change, environment, transportation, socialICF International980 Beaver Creek Dr Martinsville, VA 24112(276) 403-9400This could easily be only one of many who are spoofing this phone number. I told them to remove me from their calling list. I do not do surveys, as the results may be used in further building the Profile which marketing companies are using and selling your information so you get more sales pitches!

    310-739-0103 :: 3107390103
  • Geraldo says:

    text free or pinger number.

    254-600-0120 :: 2546000120