• Gilbert says:

    Called at 2:55PM No answer came up as L7 scvc SCAM

    507-273-0071 :: 5072730071
  • Daryl says:

    I too get this number calling my house every hour on the hour and when I pick up noone is there and it is almost like I can hear my TV in their background but nothing else. I reported them to my phone company and also added them to my block call list.

    434-953-0063 :: 4349530063
  • Willie says:

    not my account I wont. I have blocked any and all third party billers from attaching any bills to my phone bill. If they do, Verison gets to deal with paying them etc. I dont have to worry about these fools doing any such thing because I never answer their calls. No fool here!

    703-700-0056 :: 7037000056
  • Abdul says:

    I received 2 calls from 334-352-9078 at 1am!! I call this morning, it is some spam that says to text "flirt" how the hell did they get my cell number.....I haven't signed up for anything or entered my number anywhere...WTH

    618-531-0116 :: 6185310116
  • Jarrod says:

    I received a text from this number, they knew my name. The text said " omg ( my name)" and there was a link attached. I called the number back, no answer, mailbox full.

    512-689-0068 :: 5126890068
  • Jeffery says:

    This number called twice, and I answered both times. Caller ID comes up ORDERSCONFIRM both times they offered $120.00 in free gas coupons if I signed up for a free trial for 30 days then it would be $29.95 charge per month unless I canceled with an 800 number. I immediately told them I was not interested. They called an hour later and started the same lines all over again, stating they where from Market Strategies, and because I recently made a purchase with my Visa I was eligible... blah blah blah... In my opinion.... Don't give anyone who calls you your credit card number or authorization to charge it no matter what they say.... even if you call and cancel they will often charge your card anyway leaving you to try to stop the re-occuring charges.

    562-722-0295 :: 5627220295
  • Jacob says:

    this number keep calling and harassing

    641-289-0014 :: 6412890014
  • Antone says:

    There are no viruses on OSx. Your problem is someone hacked your e-mail. go change your passwords and make them secure.

    580-285-0034 :: 5802850034
  • Ashley says:

    the DO NOT CALL list doesnt help. It was created to establish more govt office space for campaign friends of the politicians.Thanx for the fear mongering inaccurate information!

    248-261-1248 :: 2482611248
  • Russ says:

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    614-893-9985 :: 6148939985
  • Mathew says:

    My brother received a call today from that same 000-000-0- asking questions about the phone he is using- I told the caller he had to call back since I couldnt answer his questions because it wasnt my phone. He said thank you and hung up.My brother has one of the free gov. phones and that is the phone they called on.He had a call from his worker coming in regarding what info to bring w/ im and didnt want to miss the call while he was getting ready to go to their meetingIm wondering if this is something to do with that?

    573-754-0137 :: 5737540137
  • Dominic says:

    These are really bad people who will not respond to requests to stop their harrassing phone calls.

    601-604-0112 :: 6016040112
  • Orlando says:

    After you called, I saw the picture of you and Evan on my desk. Of course, in the picture (which is qute old), he is still a small boy.

    626-246-0092 :: 6262460092
  • Randall says:

    Just got a call from this number. Did not leave a message.

    218-687-0115 :: 2186870115
  • Tyrone says:

    it could also be a number where you answer and end up with a big charge and thats how they get money it could be through a 3rd party phone line and that could not be blocked

    518-573-0085 :: 5185730085
  • Sammy says:

    The name showed up on caller id as bunty.kumar223

    618-341-0042 :: 6183410042
  • Renaldo says:

    Just got this call. Challenged them right and left. India accent. Said they had my computer id. They were from windows tech support. That my computer had a Chinese virus spewing at the windows server. They wanted me to confirm they had my id via dos and then get permission to work on my computer yo fix it. Said I had 6 hours while on a protected server then would lose Internet. Did say I could take it to a tech. Very fishy.

    573-459-0111 :: 5734590111
  • Mario says:

    Got a SMS Stating "Call me ASAP at this # 603-413-4133, please."

    218-742-0017 :: 2187420017
  • Harold says:

    Yes, called back form a public phone and got WCA subscriber service voice mail. The voice mail allows you to Unsubscribe your phone number.

    228-258-0090 :: 2282580090
  • Ervin says:

    My name is None Ya business. So leave me alone!

    516-708-0218 :: 5167080218
  • Dario says:

    calls - you answer, you hear goodbye and it hangs up.

    540-465-0018 :: 5404650018
  • Marion says:

    Don't want any texts messages from this number

    224-269-0081 :: 2242690081
  • Noah says:

    No clue as to who this is...called 3 time in less than 2 minutes! Have received several calls - I won't answer a # I dont reconginze and they do not leave a voice mail!

    502-303-0011 :: 5023030011
  • Warner says:

    I don't know! Offering some kind of junk

    229-269-0136 :: 2292690136
  • Dana says:

    Got the call today from Mr. Sandberg. To make sure I was spelling his name correctly, so I could call him once I ordered the program, it is sand like a desert and berg like an iceberg! Call back number is 1-888-5-SATACT. Gave me the sales pitch of scores will go up by 360, special student discount, blah blah blah. He told me he needed to secure the 30 day trial by credit card. I told him I would not give him my credit card over the phone. He said no problem. He would direct me to a website where I could enter my credit card info. He said he was paid by the hour, so he could take the time to direct me to the website. Told him I didnt have computer access right now, could I call him back. No, was his response, they are too busy to speak to families more than once.

    218-851-0084 :: 2188510084
  • Noel says:

    I just received a call from 661 748 0240.

    231-309-0123 :: 2313090123
  • Reginald says:

    Carol - we too get many calls from alleged Microsoft. They hang up the second I say, I did not call you. You called me. I never do business over the phone with anyone I do not call...If theres a problem with my computer, I take it to my computer professional.

    513-419-0018 :: 5134190018
  • Humberto says:

    I must be right below you in their call list. They just phoned me again.

    231-472-0135 :: 2314720135
  • Donte says:

    Got a call from an a man claiming to be from the Los Angeles sheriff's department saying that an Officer Michael Black (ph#: 210-228-4033) had filed a federal complaint against me and I needed to call this officer back. and if he gets another complaint against me, he'll have to arrest me.I asked him what the complaint was about. he insisted I call this Officer Black back. I asked him why couldn't he just tell me and the guy got very upset with me and hung up on me. once I hung up, the (210) area code phone number has been calling nonstop. very frustrating to have to deal with this at work.

    234-835-0050 :: 2348350050
  • Gail says:

    Consider getting a call blocking device or phone.. You can google them and many are around $50.00 or so.If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some. You can google this. If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control. Iphones appear to have apps also. Another one is called Mr. Number.

    559-852-0016 :: 5598520016
  • Kenneth says:

    Does anyone getting these calls have Verizon Wireless? I started getting these calls shortly after I got my phone from Verizon Wireless (I ported my old cell number over) prior to being with Verizon Wireless I wasnt receiving these kinds of calls... coinencidence?

    229-269-0107 :: 2292690107
  • Troy says:

    received inappropriate text

    561-494-0047 :: 5614940047
  • Phil says:

    This is TG for student loan collections.

    562-932-0135 :: 5629320135
  • Randal says:

    Same thing happened to me at 3:45AM! Having been woken up and not recognizing the number, I just turned the ringer off. Then I got another call immediately and received a voicemail that was so garbled I couldnt understand a single word of it when I checked it at a more reasonable hour.

    203-631-0149 :: 2036310149
  • Dustin says:

    Text saying you have been choosen to receive a apple computer.

    203-631-0149 :: 2036310149
  • Steven says:

    i keep getting calls for a frank lamada not sure of the spelling. whoever this agency is that keeps calling my cell just doesn't get it! calls are from 210 227 5081 ext 105 ms lewis (louis).

    231-470-0029 :: 2314700029
  • Peter says:

    WHEN I SEE THE NUMBER 000-000-0, I just hit the exit button. They are no one I know.

    603-660-0050 :: 6036600050
  • Lazaro says:

    I told him that I didnt have a computer...

    480-555-0100 :: 4805550100
  • Troy says:

    Call for security system I didn't sign up or ask for

    513-985-0072 :: 5139850072
  • Percy says:

    I also received a call from this number at midnight. I just switched from verizon to sprint. I blocked it and now getting calls and text from different numbers. The text said Please enter 9011 into LINE within the next 30 mins. I got six from different numbers within minutes of each other. This better not be some kind of third party charge.

    617-769-0095 :: 6177690095
  • Florentino says:

    I won a vacation in a sweepstakes I never entered. SPAM, do not respond.

    631-277-0139 :: 6312770139
  • Reinaldo says:

    not my account I wont. I have blocked any and all third party billers from attaching any bills to my phone bill. If they do, Verison gets to deal with paying them etc. I dont have to worry about these fools doing any such thing because I never answer their calls. No fool here!

    508-460-0111 :: 5084600111
  • Rayford says:

    This caller has been call regularly twice a day for about 10 days ago. He asks for my husband by name and I say he doesn't want to talk to you...the man on the phone says," I'll just call him back later".He calls at specific times so we have his game. When the phone rings we press talk and then quickly press off without saying a word.

    510-608-0072 :: 5106080072
  • Elwood says:

    They called me too! So irritating. You can tell it was an out of country call because of the delay. He had a strong heavy accent. Says my computer sent them a message that there was a problem. I dont own a Microsoft but he insisted that it was my computer. He knew our name from the registry. WTHeck!

    229-784-0101 :: 2297840101
  • Donnie says:

    high pitched whining sound, but not a fax.

    662-847-0098 :: 6628470098
  • Elwood says:

    I placed an ad on craigs list for speakers and recieved an email that said please call me in a respond to my ad name on email was Foulger Seymour 150-474-3941

    657-947-0053 :: 6579470053
  • Otis says:

    Just as the others have stated I received a call from Chris as well a Benefit Director position out of West Palm Beach. I called back and left a voicemail message; however, after seeing the messages above, I will not waste my time with this. Thanks for posting everyone.

    415-844-0048 :: 4158440048
  • Elvin says:

    I am recieving this call, now. Nothing is being said on the other side.

    507-541-1649 :: 5075411649
  • Emilio says:

    I got a spam text saying "+18285279167 - Need some $ for New Years Eve? Bills to pay? Get$1000today. Visit www.usatmcash.com (licensed/insured lender) 0.7096156" out of the blue.

    224-334-0118 :: 2243340118
  • Sterling says:

    he is calling from a fake number n.playing on my phone ugh pissing me off I guess I'll change my number

    657-229-8216 :: 6572298216