• Chuck says:

    I just got into a pissing match with this SOLAR company. They are trying to reduce electric bills. They have called my phone DAILY and constantly harass. I finally reported their number to the do not call registry website as a harassment sales calls constantly.

    503-209-8804 :: 5032098804
  • Clarence says:

    Got txts from this number that were offensive, poor grammar.

    307-778-3341 :: 3077783341
  • Paris says:

    Text message in response to online classified asking for email addresses

    262-729-6348 :: 2627296348
  • Eugene says:

    I also have gotten multiple calls from this number, never was there anything on the other end but a bunch of clicks, until today. Today, I got this is Annette and I have been trying to call you for days, of course this is an automated voice, they give me a number to call back along with a reference number. Am not attempting to call them back since they call at least two to three times a day with nothing but clicks, apparently not trying to hard to contact me.

    314-209-0077 :: 3142090077
  • Derick says:

    I receive message for this number Avsiopypyybzw@Ry5q1_EcZJ.com: / I need some air, cause you just took my breath away! text me 7012044053i;ll be here waitin 4USent from I-Phone

    217-237-0389 :: 2172370389
  • Chang says:

    It doesnt work! Ive been on it for several years and I have filed complaints about telemarketers. I have more calls now than before Do Not Call started. I think maybe THEY give out our numbers to keep them busy at their jobs, which are paid for with our taxpayer money.

    304-298-4733 :: 3042984733
  • Donny says:

    I just got my first call from this number on Sunday 7/27/14. I did not answer. T next day I got another call and they left a message: I sounded like a voice from the islands or Africa. He said Hello my sister Schwoan, and then he said or Schwoanne. My name is Joan so apparently he could not read English. They called again this morning so I picked up the phone but said nothing as though the connection was broken-all I heard was a lot of phones being used in the back ground. The girl that answered said Hello four or five times and then hung up, I also have Century Link but have no ties to either Vorizen or Comcast. It really sounds like a scam based outside of the States. Be very, very careful. Just ignore and do not answer any calls from this bogus number.

    425-788-4495 :: 4257884495
  • Markus says:

    I got the same exact call on 10/8/13, down to every detail Omallee shared. This must be a scamming service. First of all, collections agents are not as "polite" as the woman who called me. Second, the fact that Omallee got the same esact call, same details, tells me this is a script they are following.

    413-668-0161 :: 4136680161
  • Dominique says:


    360-667-1129 :: 3606671129
  • Rudolph says:

    Frankie the same exact thing happened to me with him talking about my computer being messed up. I hung up on him and he called back three times.Each time i hit the F U button. He gave up for three days now im gettingthe calls again. P.s i never got these calls until i got comcast. Within a week the calls started to come.

    508-575-3738 :: 5085753738
  • Harvey says:

    Try to sell somekind of IRS protection package

    336-400-5045 :: 3364005045
  • Fausto says:

    I get a call from this number, 918-570-5402, almost once a day, sometimes twice, and this has been going on for months. I never answer my phone anyway, unless I recognize the number or my caller id identifies them as someone I know. They never leave a message, and whatever automated system they are using knows to hang up before the answering machine engages. The caller id only identifies the phone number and that it is a Wireless Caller.I am on the DNC registry as well, and I can tell you that as long as I keep it updated it works - you do have to go back to DNC and re-register your phone numbers after a certain amount of time. I do not get calls from legitimate companies anymore. However... I am not sure that DNC can do anything about sneaky companies that use cell phones to do their dirty work.

    240-817-4386 :: 2408174386
  • Ulysses says:

    Sending nasty messages to people phones.

    440-762-0034 :: 4407620034
  • Long says:

    recieved a call from 209 589 0185 on 10-3 at 4:06 AM

    281-330-3167 :: 2813303167
  • Alvin says:

    I answered a call from this number, and the caller hung up.

    425-788-1010 :: 4257881010
  • Elliott says:

    Just stick a few F in to them they soon hang up

    407-380-7552 :: 4073807552
  • Leon says:

    Please do not call me if you are not on my contact list. Thank you!

    347-308-2154 :: 3473082154
  • Juan says:

    Received a call from this number today. Didn't pick up since I didn't recognize the area code - they didn't leave a message. Just googled it since it seemed fishy to me and, sure enough, 150 is an invalid area code. Guess it is someone fishing for info.

    228-222-2001 :: 2282222001
  • Jame says:

    I got the call saying they were Verizon and I would get a $20 discount if I took a survey. They asked me 3 questions and then for the last 4 of my social. They ended up hacking into my Verizon account and switched my phone to a Samsung flip phone. My phone stopped working so I immediately called Verizon and they fixed the problem immediately. They said this happens a lot and Verizon would never call to ask you this and the people that call you are always foreigners.

    435-467-5445 :: 4354675445
  • Sylvester says:

    Keeps calling my cell number.

    248-907-7156 :: 2489077156
  • Rodrigo says:

    I got a call from 210-207-2000 on my cell. Here's what I turned up.

    308-675-8763 :: 3086758763
  • Damien says:

    back taxes ?? uh!!! stop calling!

    412-409-5864 :: 4124095864
  • Mack says:

    If they divulged any information to your landlord regarding the reason for the call, such as an alleged debt, they have broken the law. Among other things, under provisions of Federal Law (specifically, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) it is illegal for collectors to:

    612-318-9419 :: 6123189419
  • Theodore says:

    the best way I found out how to handle calls like these was to buy a landline phone blocker. ( check on line or ebay) best investment I made. around 50 t0 60 bucks, and can hold up to 1500 numbers. now I only get one call like this a week or two weeks. once you put the number in it will only ring once and the call blocker takes over and disconnects the call. never have to get out of your chair.

    405-548-4098 :: 4055484098
  • Alden says:

    Received several calls finally answered one. I just spoken a bunch of foreign sounding words. He asked if I spoke english and said a few more and he hung up. :)

    330-372-3045 :: 3303723045
  • Dominick says:

    sup! you just called.. ya sup!

    267-852-3896 :: 2678523896
  • Jason says:

    My daughter answered the phone using a Russian accent and then put the phone by the toilet and flushed it. She had fun messing with him.ROFLMAO!

    240-462-3362 :: 2404623362
  • Quinn says:

    Do not know I did not answer the call

    252-752-8408 :: 2527528408
  • Mikel says:

    This is CDW calling repeatedly trying to sell crap. My guess its an Indian call center parading around as a US tele-spammer.

    201-414-2498 :: 2014142498
  • Kerry says:

    I tried to call block this today. Response from Verizon?Enter a legitimate phone number !Verizon is an EVIL OVERLORD.

    209-981-7609 :: 2099817609
  • Robin says:

    They are listed as Blue link but if they are calling repeatedly with no real purpose, AND you have a debt to pay, chances are are that they are debt collectors

    228-424-4090 :: 2284244090
  • Sammy says:

    This is a fraudulent scam pretending to be the IRS and claiming ...the IRS is initiating legal action against ...YOUR NAME... (Thats just what the ridiculous recording says ...legal action against YOUR NAME. What a farce from a low IQ scammer. Report this call to local authorities and the IRS -- and then block this scammer.

    267-852-4218 :: 2678524218
  • Daren says:

    I received a call from a Bree from this number weeks ago to my direct line at work she didnt have my cell number because she asked me for it and i told her no. she need to tell me whatshe wants she stated i will get your number dont worry. She called my desk again today at work from an 850-937-7785, then i seen the number on my cell. she left a voice mail stating shes calling from a global recovery group and i will pay if i do not return the call.

    440-346-9374 :: 4403469374
  • Bruce says:

    Called. I do not answer phone calls from unidentified numbers. The number who called did not leave a voice message for me to identify them.

    305-207-4059 :: 3052074059
  • Armand says:

    This number called I didnt answer and it said *my name* we car about you but befor this and also after its like a computer trying to talk and then it just goes out.

    206-835-2232 :: 2068352232
  • Luis says:

    Keeps calling, the line is open for 3 or 4 minutes - than hangs up ! Real irrating - I suppose, that's Telemarking for you !

    484-464-7416 :: 4844647416
  • Wiley says:

    I told them before I was not interested and keep calling. Be careful not to give any personal info.

    225-387-2876 :: 2253872876
  • Domingo says:

    Getting couple of calls per day from this number. No answer when picked up.

    305-421-1992 :: 3054211992
  • Nathan says:

    We won a trip for two to the Bahamas

    913-201-8471 :: 9132018471
  • Israel says:

    This particular caller keeps calling but doesn't say anything, then when I go to call back the acts like it's off and by off I mean not paid the bill off. It's freaking me out.

    910-608-7177 :: 9106087177
  • David says:

    You got that right, Babs. The DNC list most likely was created as part of a pork barrel law that authorized federal funds for the City of Chicago to buy 500 new school buses. Our fearless leaders in Congress do this to make sure a bill passes. Its just more bureaucratic hot air.the same hot air that gave us the IRS, the FCC and the Department of Homeland Security. Your tax dollars at work!!!

    319-527-0589 :: 3195270589
  • Rafael says:

    I have listed both my landline (which I only have for my security alarm) and my cell phone in donotcall.gov and I STILL get telemarketing calls.

    401-384-9591 :: 4013849591
  • Anibal says:

    They want to buy my vacant land

    270-354-2912 :: 2703542912
  • Cornell says:

    Don't answer these people they call all the time asking me if I want to further my education and when u tell them to stop calling u there rude and act dumb !!!

    510-799-3791 :: 5107993791
  • Ron says:

    reverse number search gives this:

    608-399-2555 :: 6083992555
  • Elvis says:

    Calls and hang up...cant return call

    231-421-0953 :: 2314210953
  • Keven says:

    This is a POS scumbag with autodial pestering the hell out of America. Is anyone ready to form a nationwide coalition to help find, identify and bring these ignorant pests to legal justice? We can all share in a class action law suit?

    913-756-3977 :: 9137563977
  • Alonzo says:

    5/17/2013: This number has called so many times in the past 5 years that i have it permanently blocked. I was thinking of unblocking it not that long ago to make space for some of the other frequent offenders, but I ended up picking another number, instead. Glad I did.This number called us tonight at 6:22 while i was trying to get dinner on the table. That was about an hour after a SIMILAR number/MO called us: 413-000-7842. Suspect it was from the same source. THAT one started playing a recording just as the answering machine picked up and was playing its outgoing message. Something about our credit card account. Once the machine beeped that it was recording, it hung up. Sneaky SOBs!NO number with all zeros is valid. It is SPOOFED which is ILLEGAL and means someone is being untruthful, at best.This has been going on for SIX YEARS. This is a number that the PHONE COMPANIES should BLOCK automatically. This is BS that this has been allowed to happen THIS long with NO action.SHAME ON YOU, VERIZON, ATT, SPRINT, T-MOBILE and every other one out there.

    314-322-3749 :: 3143223749
  • Santo says:

    This number calls my cell phone without leaving a message. There were three calls today and three calls yesterday.

    252-361-3852 :: 2523613852
  • Maynard says:

    Called me once called again in a 2 min period left message with someone breathing. Called 4 days later.

    410-261-7413 :: 4102617413